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Besinnliche Weihnachtsgedichte auf Englisch

December the 24th

Every year on December the 24th
the eyes of the whole world are wandering north
On this day the North Pole becomes the main attraction
while Santa and his Elves prepare for action
His goal is to bring joy to every child worldwide
to experience the Magic of Christmastide

In the weeks leading up to this special day
Life doesn’t go its usual way
In all parts of the world the preparations start to begin
to bring joy to everybody and their kin
There are presents to buy and cookies to bake
to enjoy Christmas and take a break

It’s the time to come together and to put differences aside
to keep the Spirit of Christmas alive
The time when the air is filled with a song
of hope what’s about to come
From East to West and South to North
the whole world is waiting for December the 24th

I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.

Charles Dickens

The greatest Gift

As a child both girls and boys
can’t wait for Christmas and their new toys.
The excitement is keeps building throughout the end of the year
to see Santa and his nine reindeer.

While growing up Christmas loses its Spark
A part of the Magic turns to dark.
Friends are way more important than tradition
Presents become part of a competition

When a Man and a Woman become Mom and Dad
Christmas in no longer sad
The Magic returns with all its glory
to write the next chapter of another childs story

With the turn of the season’s life goes on
all the children are long gone
but grandkids arrive for chapter three
to receive the greatest gift of the love of Christmas under the tree

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Lustige Weihnachtsgedichte auf Denglisch

X-Mas Time

It’s crazy wie die Zeit verfliegt
wenn das Jahr zum Winter abbiegt
Pl├Âtzlich spielt das Smartphone Weihnachtslieder
irgendwas von alle Jahre wieder
Selbst das Smart Home macht da mit
und spielt den neuesten Weihnachtshit

Die Weihnachtsb├Ąckerei feiert ein Comeback
die ersten Pl├Ątzchen angebrannt, welch ein Schreck
Das Limit der Kreditkarte l├Ąngst erreicht
w├Ąhrend schneller und schneller die Zeit verstreicht
Schon kurze Zeit sp├Ąter knallen die Korken vom Sekt
Haarstyle und Outfit sitzen perfekt

Der ideale Moment um Live zu gehen
und in der Story mehr vom geschm├╝ckten Weihnachtsbaum zu sehen
Die Follower spielen total verr├╝ckt
und der Inhaber des Accounts ist entz├╝ckt
Nur noch ein Paar Selfies zwischen Bergen von Geschenkpapier
so lob ich X-Mas mir

Kurze Weihnachtsgedichte auf Englisch

Santa’s little Helpers

The Elves work tirelessly in the months leading up to December
to make Christmas a special time to remember
And yet not much is known about those little guys
so it’s about time for a surprise
next time when Santa visits your town
make sure to leave a Thank You Note before sundown
This way the Elves won’t be missing out
on the love that Christmas is all about

The first Snowflake

In every year when Autumn turns to Wintertime
the temperatures refuse to climb
The freezing cold fills young and old with hope
to see the first snowflake through the telescope
It keeps dancing in the sky
only to be seen in the blink of an eye
But don’t worry this snowflake will not melt in the sunlight
while million of his friends slowly turn the world to white

It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.

Mother Theresa

The Christmas Wish

Wishes are powerful at the end of the year
because the Spirit of Christmas lends an ear
To people who want to reunite with someone they miss the most
he is a very friendly ghost
For one night only he holds destiny in his hands
to spread joy throughout the lands
So don’t hesitate to make a wish out of the blue
Around Christmas it is very likely to come true

Snowy white

In the hush of snowy white,
Stars above shine extra bright.
Frosty whispers in the air,
Christmas love, beyond compare.

Gifts are wrapped with tender care,
Laughter echoes, joy to share.
Trees adorned in festive glee,
Warm hearts gather, you and me.

Candles glow, a gentle sight,
Wishing all a silent night.
In this season, let love bind,
Christmas magic, in every mind.

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