Ostergrüße in Englisch

Ostern ist ein christliches Fest, das auf der ganzen Welt gefeiert wird. Deshalb sind nette Ostergrüße auch für Freunde und Geschäftspartner im Ausland angebracht. Heute haben viele Menschen und auch auf beruflicher Ebene Bekannte im Ausland, denen sie gerne Osterwünsche übermitteln möchten.

Sollen diese jedoch beispielsweise in Englisch abgefasst werden, so fällt es manchmal schwer, die richtigen Worte zu finden. Mit den folgenden Vorschlägen möchten wir dazu beitragen, dass es ein weniger leichter wird, auch in englischer Sprache einen freundlichen Ostergruß zu formulieren, mit dem man zum Fest gratulieren und dem Empfänger eine Freude machen kann.


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Schöne Ostergrüße in Englisch

Dear Lynne,

Easter time is coming around again. A season to celebrate the beginning of spring an new life. I wish you and your family a joyful and relaxing holiday.

All the best


Dear Sarah and Philip,

Easter is a time to be cheerful. With his death Jesus has cleansed us from our sins and filled our lives with new meaning. May the miracle of Easter bring you happiness and joy!

Wishing you a wonderful holiday


Dear Susan,

May your Easter filled with sunshine, bunnies and lots of chocolate!
I want to wish you and your lovely family all the best for a joyous holiday.

Best regards


Dear Richard,

May you celebrate this Easter holiday with a heart filled with gratitude and joy. Christ has given his life for us and this is a reason to be cheerful.
Wishing all the best for you and your family in this special season.

Warmest regards


Dear Mary,

I want to wish you and your family a wonderful Easter holiday. May there be sunshine, peace and joy and may the bunny bring you all the sweet surprises you wish for.

With my best wishes


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Geschäftliche Ostergrüße in Englisch

Dear Mr. Grey,

We are grateful for your business und would like to use the opportunity to express, how much we value your company. Our best Easter wishes for you and your co-workers.

With regards

Lucas Miller

We wish to extend the best wishes for a happy and joyous Easter to all our customers. Gifts for your firm and family have been sent out and we hope to contribute to a great holiday.

Your team at XX Company

To all our customers we wish a blessed and joyful Easter holiday. May you be able to spend a meaningful and happy time with you family.

With best Regards

XX Company

Estimated customers,

All our best wishes for a Happy Easter. Thank you for trusting us and choosing us. We truly appreciate your business.

Your XX Company

Estimated Mr. Miller,

We would like to take the opportunity to extend our best wishes for a meaningful Easter to you and your great team. We look forward to meeting again soon.

Yours Sincerely

Tom Bailey

Lustige Ostergrüße in Englisch

Hello Susan,

Easter is a time for chocolates and candy. So it’s ok to forget the diet and let yourself be spoiled by Easter bliss.

Happy Easter to you and your family.

Warmest Wishes


Dear Thomas and Shirley,

It is official now. On Easter Sundays the chickens will have a day off and the bunnies will lay the eggs! Hope you will have a wonderful time with the family.



Dear Megan,

Easter means sunshine, blues skies, green grass and lots of chocolate bunnies that invite you to bite into them. There could not be a holiday more glorious!
My best wishes for you and your family,


Hello July,

hope you have your Easter preparations well on the way and the Easter bunny is busy hiding colorful eggs all over your garden. I wish you and your family lots of fun finding them and spend a great holiday together!

Lots of love


Dear Kimberly and family,

we want to wish you a happy and joyful Easter holiday. Don’t forget that this is the holiday when the kids get to eat all the chocolate bunnies they want!

My warmest holiday wishes to you


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Ostergrüße in Englisch für WhatsApp

Happy Easter for you and your family. I wish you a great time searching for eggs and chocolate bunnies.

Easter is not only a time for bunnies and colorful eggs. The holiday also invites us to joyous reflection that brings new hope to our lives. I wish you happiness and peace for the holidays.

Easter is a special occasion that invites us to be joyful and happy. I want to take a moment to share this happiness with my friends and let you know that I am grateful to have you.

I am sending you Easter blessings and my best wishes for a joyous time with your family.

I wish you a relaxing Easter holiday with lots of sunshine an blue skies. Have a good Easter egg hubt!

Easter is a very special time in the year. All nature is coming to live again and our spirits fill with love and hope. I want to wish you a very special time and hope, you enjoy your holiday.

May the Lord bless you and your family this Easter holiday and bring hope, love an peace to your home. Happy Easter to you.

I wish you a perfect Easter holiday with just the right amount of reflection and fun.